Does your business stand out from the crowd?

As a recently Certified ORB Auditor, I have been trained, certified and licensed by the Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB)  to audit companies to The Responsible Business Standard.

I believe this is a great opportunity for SME’s to demonstrate the professionalism and integrity of their business.

Because The Standard is for SME’s it has also been designed to be affordable, attainable and of value both internally and externally.


Internally it will become a driver for best practise helping to attract, retain and motivate employees; reduce overheads; and increase operating efficiency.

Externally it will increase the reputation of the company by demonstrating to all stakeholders that the company is transparent, ethical and considerate of their responsibility to society.

Throughout the supply chain questions are increasingly being asked relating to social and environmental practices. If a business cannot satisfy those questions they will not gain / maintain contracts.

In the procurement process businesses need to satisfy specific criteria. Much of this is covered in The Standard. A tender application to any organisation but particularly at local authority level is more likely to be successful if the company has third party certification to demonstrate they have met the required criteria.

The Standard is an indication that the business is playing a pro-active role in combating the challenges society currently faces – something all business owners should be very proud of!

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About North London Life Coaching

I am a Personal Coach with a particular focus on helping those wishing to bring about positive social change through business. Working in the field of personal development for the last 10 years, I support individuals and organisations that want to make positive change. I have designed and implemented a number of personal development and motivational training programmes within the homelessness sector and between 2007 and 2010 was the Development Director for Network 2012 a social enterprise, business network with the aim of encouraging people who have experienced homelessness to start their own social enterprise or small business. I have a strong passion for social justice, social inclusion and social enterprise
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